Samatia is an ancient kingdom, and the dwarves record it as the first in the land, the history for their kingdom predating even the rise of the Giant King Azgath. Their history records how the giants attacked from the west, and how some Clanholds fell under the influence of the giants, and others where destroyed in the Giant War. It is here in their history 1500 years ago, at the end of the Giant War, that the kingdom of Samatia that is known today took shape.

Common Knowledge

The kingdom of the dwarves is open to all, though few other than the dwarves spend much time in the underground portion of their cities, and half of all their settlements lie underground. Though these underground settlements are all well lit, and a few are connected underground. The dwarves have learnt that their enemies are adept at exploiting such underground tunnels and so now they mostly build roads as straight and true as possible on the surface, carving into the mountains from time to time. Their roads make it easy to travel about their kingdom, and so they grow prosperous and some talk of reclaiming their lost lands to the south, while others speak of claiming the plains below the Gwyth Hills. Among the later are those who say that once that plain was crossed by dwarven roads and that in the north the town of Physk is built on the ruins of an ancient dwarven port.

Despite these whispers the Ironbreakers, the ruling Clan, are mostly concerned with ensuring the kingdom is safe, rather than expanding it, and so there is little chance that this or even the next generation of humans will see the dwarves move from their Kingdom. In the mean time the elves and eladrin benefit from having a prosperous neighbor, and the humans risk the journey to the kingdom for trade adding further to the kingdom’s prosperity.


The people of Samatia are mostly dwarves, with many goliath and a few shifter tribes making their homes in the kingdom as well.


  • Ironbreakers are the ruling Clan of Samatia. They are traditionally metal workers and warriors, and their skill is in war and understanding of defensive strategy, and so as these things shaped the Ironbreaker Clanhold they have shaped the dwarven kingdom since Borov Ironbreaker, received the crown from the last of the Stoneheart kings.
  • Ironclaws are a clan of artisans despite what their name often makes people think. They have only existed since the rise of the Ironbreakers to power, and their members are common in dwarven trade caravans.

Selected Locations

Ironhold – Clanhold of the Ironbreakers, and capital of Samatia.

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