Village of Hommlet NPCs

People of Hommlet

  • Amede - Welcoming Wench barmaid, daughter of Orlist and Finavyr
  • Burne & Rufus – two retired adventurers who live in a tower that  is under construction as part of a proposed tower. The men have their  own militia “Burne’s Badgers”, who also come to the aid of the village,  making it clear why bandits and such have not directly threatened the  town. Rufus and Burne are regulars in the Wench and are popular with the  villagers for their easy going nature and the promise of prosperity the  slow constuction of their castle holds.
  • Elmo Man’Lar – Son of one of the council elders, Elmo is a jovial  and strong man, and one of the few that has left the village with any  regularity making trips to Kesharath for his father.
  • Finavyr - Welcoming Wench barkeep, Orlist’s wife.
  • Gremag - a partner in the local trading post.  He is whip thin and fusses  over his merchandise (especially when customers poke at it). He is respected in the community.
  • Gwynach – a young woman from the islands who arrived in Hommlet with her husband, Barten. As she was pregnant she remained behind when he went to explore a local ruin. Now a year later he has not returned and she is begging alms to keep herself and her child fed.
  • Handrys Man’Ander – Handrys seems to have recently come under a fey curse, his ill luck (or perhaps good luck?) started the night of the adventurer Evendra’s madness in the Wench.
  • Hesta Man’Freok – an older human woman and the leader of the  village’s council of elders and the village’s judge. She is well  respected for her wisdom among the villagers.
  • Jaroo Ashtaff - half-elven druid who maintains a grove to the  spirits with his cave bear companion near the village. Jaroo is the man  that you saw talking to Orlist on the first night in the village.
  • Marie - Welcoming Wench barmaid, youngest daughter of Orlist and Finavyr
  • Orlist - not only proprietor of the Wench, but also keeper of  the villages shrine to Avandra and sergeant of the milita. He talks  freely and easily with all sorts of folk.
  • Rannos - Partner in the local trading post with Gremag.  Rannos is heavy set and friendly, he is respected in the community.
  • Zert - Resident of Hommlet

People of Hammerfall Clanhold

  • Darrak Hammerfall – Lord of the Hammerfall Clanhold and husband of Helja Hammerfall.
  • Helja Hammerfall – Lady of the Hammerfall Clanhold and wife of Darrak Hammerfall.
  • Morgran Hammerfall – son of Darrak and Helja, and heir of the Hammerfall Clanhold.
  • Orsik - Dwarven Priest of Moradin from Hammerfall Clanhold and friend of the adventurer Corrin’s family.
  • Uompek - Ageing goliath clan’s chieften. The nomadic goliath move around an area centered on the Hammerfall Clanhold who are also their main trading partners.

People of the Nightbloom Tribe

  • Bruun - A young warrior from the Nightbloom tribe who live in the Bitterbark forrest.  He often worked with Asalta during hunting expeditions.

People of the Storm Islands

  • Barfoil Marunt - leader of the milita of the Foamsurf water genasi village near Furnace Port.
  • Barten - missing adventurer and husband of Gwynach, last seen in Hommlet.
  • Duncan Kildare – missing farmer and husband of the adventurer Morgan. Lost at sea during a storm.
  • Hilde and Magda Kildare – missing children of Duncan and Morgan, also lost at sea dueing a storm.
  • Captain LeFargen – air genasi captain of the Moondancer privateer ship based in Furnace Port.  Presumed slain when the Moondancer was sunk by pirates.
  • Romeil Blackfist – water genasi pirate, leader of the Blackfist pirates.


  • Isath and Grasith – Hobgoblin captives.

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